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Latest - There are 61 new images with this update from the last week of Coronation Street including: Alison King, Amy Kelly, Brooke Vincent, Misc, Hayley Tamaddon, Jane Danson, Kate Ford, Katie McGlynn, Kym Marsh, Samia Ghadie & Tisha Merry.

An average week this time for the Corrie babes as there aren't too many major highlights.

It was nice to see Amy Kelly back as her character had been away in Devon visiting her brother. I like Amy because she's just so pretty and has the most wonderful emotive facial expressions. Just look at image ....111. You can practically hear what Amy is thinking. It reminds me of a famous quote one actor said to another. I think it might have been Marlon Brando, but it's a long time since I heard this data. 'Let the audience see what you are thinking'.

There was a couple of nice images this week of Katie McGlynn in a cute dress. This is noteworthy for two reasons. First off is because she actually is in a dress and as long term Katie watchers will know that hasn't really been her style. In Waterloo Road and when she first joined this show, she is a perennial trouser wearer. So it is definitely nice to see her in dresses more often and begs the question why? Has someone told her to spice up her wardrobe more to increase her appeal otherwise she is in danger of getting axed. Or has she come to this conclusion herself because of some occurrence. Maybe some of my comments on this site about how boring it is when she wears trousers all the time?

The second noteworthy thing about Katie wearing a dress is the dress itself. Look at it! It's like a hybrid. Two normal dresses have been butchered and torn apart and then sewn back together to make one new dress. Makes sense I suppose as she has stated she is a noted seamstress. Plus she also does that for a living now too. The other explanation is she bought the dress like that. Seems an odd fashion statement though.

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